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The Research of Fractal Wavelet Type Signals in the Data Transmission Systems and Their Comparative Analysis


R.V. Zotov, P.A. Yeltsov

The research shows theoretical and experimental results carried out in MATLAB medium for producing fractal broadband signals with sinusoidal carrier at 2 GHz frequency and their main characteristics on the example of fractal wavelet type signal. Such signals are shown to have fractal self-similar spectra and a rather high jamming protection factor and can be used in jam-resistant communication systems. In connection with this, the aim of the study is carrying out theoretical research and computer simulation of new types of antijamming waveform on the base of fractal wavelet type signal. Signals of this kind could become basic ones for broadband communication systems, which provides s high level of transmitted data immunity from external electromagnetic control of different origin and from illegal access to transmitted information as well.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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