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Synthesis of Sygnaling Information Processing Algorithm for Solving a Target Problem


M.V. Branchukova, A.S. Chushnyakov

The analysis of design and physical properties, the moving character of the complex ballistic target elements on the extra-atmospheric trajectory concerning their observation means and possibilities of probable enemy on warhead camouflage using false targets makes it possible to draw a conclusion that the fact of stabilization of complex ballistic target element and its motion parameters concerning pointing direction «Radar set – element » is the important selective indication in radiofrequency range which can be used while choosing complex ballistics elements for bombardment. The possible use of the feature under consideration of warhead selection in the extra-atmospheric trajectory is based on the following longitudinal axis of war herd is forced to direct itself along velocity vector, making up a relalively small solid angle and at the same time false target motion, with possible exception of a small amount of heavy false targets is non-oriented. The objective of this research was the study of reflective parameters of ballistic targets according to the results of which the method and algorithm enshuring the efficiency increase of extra-atmospheric selection of heavy stabilized elements in case the Complex Ballistic Targets (CBT) contain extra-atmospheric counteraction selection elements. To achieve this the following particulars tasks have been formulated and solved in consecutive order. 1. Radar-tracking condition observing CBT, its affect on the war head radar selection efficiency has been studied. 2. The Models of effective dispersion area of stabilized and non- stabilized complex Ballistics Elements have been developed. 3. The Selection Method of Heavy stabilized Elements of conic for against background of spherical elements, being used for imitation of stabilized complex elements and non- stabilized false targerts has been worked out. 4. The synthesis of the key system, enshuring the determination of observable CBT elements belonging to the class of heavy stabilized elements of conic form while observing the way of effective dispersion area changing of CBT elements during the definite time has been carried out
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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