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Complex of the Facilities to Automatization of a Control System of Combat Facilities


A.A. Mukhomedganov, M.A. Fomichev, V.S. Kvasha

The considered possibility of the improvement of the complex of the facilities to automations managerial system combat facility racket-cosmic defence, consisting of: controlling subsystems, containing facility of the image to information and entering data, having in its composition: device of the image to information, automated worker of the place, facility of the collection, processing, keeping and issues data and facility of the power supply; the subsystem of the transceiving; the channels relationship; operated subsystems, containing sources to information, having in its composition: RLS finding, means of identification and radio direction finders; the facilities to automations managerial system combat facility; the consumers to information (the combat facilities) here with all component nodes of the complex united between itself by means of facilities of the transceiving and channel relationship. The discriminating particularity of the proposed complex of the facilities to automations is that, he is supplied by subsystem of information support decision making, containing analyzer, defining level of the unbalance to current combat situation from given limit and need interference in process, running in object of control; the qualifier, which on base a priori mortgaged in it information refers the situation to determined class, or to several classes, corresponding to некоторому ensemble elementary decisions (controlling influence), defines the path of the processing to current situation and forms on base prestored in him collections logician-transformational rules determined decision; the data-hold device, which when variant of the decisions, worked out by correlator, several, produces the sample best of them if correlator and data-hold device unable to form the corresponding to decision, that this problem solves directly executive.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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