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Mistakes in Determination of the Vector of the Motion of a Ballistic Target by the Group of Passive Geostationary Coordinators


T.V. Kalinin, A.I. Servetski, V.V. Nezhurin, O.A. Laktukhin

The purpose of the work is an analysis of dependencies of accuracy of the measurement of coordinates of ballistic target by an orbital group passive coordinator from inaccuracy contributed by elements of the information channel. Investigations of the method of determination of a parameter trajectory of a ballistic target were produced with probability of the correct finding 0,92 and probability of the false alarm of 106. The information facilities realizing the principle of passive detection are characterized by composition of information on target coordinates: position angle and azimuth of the mark from target in the plane of a photo-receiver device, and mistakes in determination of these coordinates. Contributing of such mistakes yields to mistake in determination of unmeasured targets coordinates under their reconstruction on incomplete vector of the target's coordinates, got from measuring systems, remote in space. The estimation of the mistake in determination of target's range and coordinates, depending on the mistake in determination of target's angle by place and azimuth is performed. The MSE dependency of distance was investigated depending on distance to target and its influence on measured coordinates of targets, as well as the influence of the mistake in determination of the longitude of a space vehicles and the bases between two space vehicle on determination of distance to target and its coordinates, was studied.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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