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Methods of task weighting coefficient at appraisal operating benefits radar station of over-horizont detection


V.V. Lisitski, I. N. Korneyko

In article are considered models and methods of the task weight factor, by means of which occurs the task an weight factor at estimation of efficiency of the operation to radar station overhorizontal finding, as follows: discrete model of the task to uncertainties weight factor; expert methods of the task weight factor; method of the calculation weight factor by way of the objective comparison variant systems. On the strength of that that in base suppressing majority applicable in practice methods of the task весовых factor lies questioning an expert with the following mathematical processing of their judgements. The most known expert methods of the task weight factor are in more detail considered In work. This straight line placement, ranking factor, fresh comparison, method of the analysis hierarchy. To account of the formalizations all stage undertaking the expert estimation and account to uncertainties at finding весовых factor is minimized level to subjectivity at finding weight factor. The Organized comparison estimation weight factor, found by different methods. On the grounds of models of the uncertainties of the task weight factor is considered estimations весовых factor and measures to their accuracy.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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