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The Performances of Detection and Tracking for Track-While-Scan Systems


A.A. Trukhachev

Radar operation is considered, when detection and tracking of trajectories is performed using data, obtained in the process of uniform scan of angular sector. The detected trajectories are transferred to tracking. The trajectory tracking can be closed and then repeated detection of a trajectory is possible. In the article the method for estimation of probability of event, that the target trajectory has been detected earlier at least once and at current moment is on tracking is proposed. The estimation method is illustrated for several criteria of trajectory detection and tracking termination criteria. In special case, when the target approaches slowly, in the article analytical formulas for trajectory tracking probability are derived. Generally the probability is estimated by recurrent calculations. Proposed method allows to estimate and to optimize performances of detection and tracking of approaching targets trajectory. It is shown that, by changing a pulse repetition period, it is possible to optimize a rate of the angular sector scan. If the rate of the scan is optimal, then the range, upon the achievement of which the detection probability and trajectory tracking is equal to preassigned value is maximal. It is shown that for detection and trajectory tracking range the law of cube root acts in case of optimal rate of the scan. Each time the initial data is changed it is necessary to optimize radar parameters. Thus, for example, with the 8 times increase of target cross section there will be a 2 times increase in radar range

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