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The Algorithm of Frequency Assignment to Concentrated Group of Radio Electronic Means Based on Sequential Quadratic Programming Method


Y.N. Yakovlev, A.V. Kulaev

As a result of shortage of radio frequency resource in present time the frequency assignment task to concentrated group of radio electronic means is very important. The frequency assignment in this conditions requires taking into account group influence of the interferences to the receivers. In present time used algorithms solving this task work in discrete set of frequencies. As a result the computational complexity of used algorithms is quietly big when the number of available frequencies is large. Carried researches shown that for engineering algorithm of frequency assignment to concentrated group of radio electronic means which have weak dependence of number of available frequencies nonlinear programming methods is reasonably used. In this paper the nonlinear programming task is determined. Efficiency function in this task is presented by the summary power of interferences to the receivers of concerned group of radio electronic means. Contingencies in this task are presented with contingencies of frequency assignment to concerned means. Engineered frequency assignment algorithm for solving concerned task is realized on the basis of sequential quadratic programming method and can assign frequencies to concentrated group of multitype radio electronic means and take into account group influence of interferences on total ways of it penetration. Advantages of engineered frequency assignment algorithm are weak dependence of number of available frequencies and ability to find locally optimal solutions of determined task
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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