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The Ultra Wide Band Radio Communication System with Code Carrier


V.V. Kopeikin

In 1949 C. Shannon was publishing his classic theorem where is the bit transfer rate, is the frequency band, is the signal power, is the noise power. From Shannon theorem follows that the most appropriate data carrier is wideband noise-type signals. In 1994 the Time Domain firm was taking out a patent for radio communication system on base similar signal. The wave form of the carrier in that system is the series of identical pulses modulated on delay period by noise-like code. On-off time ratio for that pulses have a large quantity. In paper the alternative ultra wide band radio communication system is introduced. The wave form of the carrier in our system is series of identical pulses follows at all times and modulated on sign by noise-like code. On-off time ratio for our signals is around one. In the first part of paper we consider patented device with electrical delay line correlator. In the second part we modify the engineering development and combine into one the delay line correlator and antennas array. The combined antennas array correlator can be used in two ways as a receiver and as a transmitter. Both part of considered ultra wide band system is enough simple and do not need in high technology. They have a possibility to work one with other since used the same type of carrier signals
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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