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The Estimation of the Noiseimmunity of the System of Information Processing Invariant to Multiplicative Noise


E.I. Algazin, A.P. Kovalevski, D.N. Levin

А method of controlling the multiplicative noise on the basis of using the invariant way of transmission of information is offered. For this purpose the transmitted signals are divided into blocks consisting of informative and training parts. Owing to the fact that the multiplicative noise on the interval of stationarity of the channel equally influences both parts of each block transmission, the modulating parameter is put into the relation of the energy of the informative signal to the energy of the training signal. Demodulation of the receiving signals consists in calculation of the relation of the energy of the information signal to the energy of the training signal. The carried out analysis of the qualitative characteristics of the offered structure such as the probability of the pairwise transition of one invariant into another showed the advantage of the offered algorithm of processing of signals in comparison with the know, classical method of processing. The advantage in the noise immunity by the equal relations signal / noise is not less than 2 times bigger. The analysis is carried out in case of different dispersion of the noise of the generator equipment of the synchronous detector. The analytical expressions of the density of the probability of the estimation of the invariant by different meaning of the dispersion of the noise of generator equipment and different meanings of the multiplicative noise are obtained
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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