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Exactly Solved Models of Ionization Equilibrium of the Thermic Plasma of Multiply Charged Ions



Ionization equilibrium of the multiply charged plasma of simple gases is considered and charge values of the mean ion and the most represented ion are calculated. Here, the Saha–Reiser method was used and the obtained results were compared with the solution of the Saha system of equations. Model gases with given laws of ionization level ordering (linear, logarithmic, and quadratic) were considered. For these gases, exact solutions were obtained for the law of ions distribution with respect to the multiplication factor of ionization and exact formulas for values of the mean ion and the most represented ion charges were derived. It is shown that the ionization equilibrium problem can be solved exactly for any physically reasonable law of ionization levels ordering. The method is generalized for the case of an electronegative gas and for the case of a mixture of chemically not-interacting gases

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