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Infocommunication of digital civilization


V. V. Alexandrov

In the modern world qualitatively new opportunities and needs of infocommunication have appeared. Infocommunication is an exclusive social feature of human being whose origins are in articulate speech – more variety of identifiable sounds than other species have. An obsolete conservative form of school education and sinus-differential dominating idea of Russian technical universities math courses is the one of the reasons for development lag in digital programmed technology. Educational math courses rely on pre-computer age of “handmade” computing of axiomatic limited mathematical models while informatics is being presented as a service application for them. Hereafter paradox emerges: the best Russian programmers use and buy hard- and software produced outside Russia. Information technology changes our perception, links various images of the world together and constructs remarkable and often tricky forms of control for cultural narratives which define our sense of the world. Every time we invent fundamentally new communication device: “talking drums”, papyrus scrolls, printed books, detector receivers, computers, pagers – we partially reconstruct “the I” and its world, create new possibilities (at the same time as a traps) for the mind, perception and social experience. Although attempts to rethink a “meaning” via abstract concept of information symbol were vitally essential for communication technology development, an absolute domination of information model can result in too much price to pay
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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