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Growth theory and infocommunication technologies


E. L. Barsukova, V. A. Sarychev

It is obvious that the infocommunication systems are the developing systems and as a rule they support development of so called meta-systems efficient parrying of environmental hazards. Without consideration of the development, that is without trying to know how an experimental object (even complex) preserves its initial features in real dynamic life, it is possible to present this object as some amorphous structure to be described as black box in/out principle. In normal functioning of the system, properties of its components must be aligned in time-space in special manner to not interfere with each other. The main feature of developing systems is self-organizing self-sufficiency which allows one to distinct three phases of any system development. The first phase matches slow development, the second phase is acceleration with transition to the third phase of fast exponential growth of distinctions which usually result in bifurcation or catastrophe.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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