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Energy-saving information optimization in digital data transmission systems


S. V. Kuleshov

The one of the basic parameters of an autonomic electronic device is its power consumption defining the period of autonomic work. It is known that the power consumption of a data transmitting system is defined by the data being transmitted. In this paper, the problem of power consumption minimization in digital transmission channel organization with low capacity power supply is observed. As a model, for energy characteristic optimization of data transmission it is suggested to consider a system of remote devices without own power supplies. Two principals of optimization are proposed: compression ratio optimization and bit rate optimization. The soft defined radio (SDR) technology is proposed as the perspective architecture for optimal energy-information communication organization. Considered optimization principles are invariant to a channel type (wire, optical or radio) which allows us to postulate generality of energy-information communication principle and to solve the practical problems of energy consumption of data transmission.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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