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Risk estimation in ecology monitoring systems


T. I. Lapina

According to tendency of nature resources consumption growth and necessity to control anthropogenic factor influence on environment the problem of efficient ecology monitoring system becomes especially important. The solving of the ecology monitoring problem and the problem of methods and criteria development which would adequately reflect the level of anthropogenic influence and predictive diagnostics of ecological norms violation are the basis for ecology monitoring systems development. The approach for the formation of standards base – the system of indicators (basic characteristics of ecology system state) and indexes (limits for characteristic values) to evaluate random environment factor influence on some measured set of ecology monitoring system object characteristics. For practical estimation of mutual influence of factors it is proposed to unite the parameters of ecological object to one or several indexes as an integral criterion. The integral indexes of ecological state allow estimating of the summary effect of one selected characteristic influence on the ecosystem as a whole and also give the possibility of monitoring results visualization via external web-server.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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