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Super Arabic morphological analyzer (SAMA1)


B. Shannaq, V. V. Alexandrov

A morphological process is a means of changing a stem to adjust its meaning to fit its syntactic and communicational context. Arabic is considering one of the major world languages, due to the morphological complexity of the Arabic language; Arabic morphology has become an integral part of many Arabic information retrieval systems. Building large-scale morphological analyzers is typically a laborious and time –consuming task. In this paper, we present an Arabic morphological analyzer (SAMA1) for performing morphological analysis, which entails finding the root of any Arabic words, The SAMA1 was likely to find the root of any Arabic words does not depend on dictionary words in Arabic, has a high percentage of accuracy and speed in finding the root. SAMA1 has been tested on a corpus of 24013 (Nouns and verbs) Root abstracts from Arabic thesaurus, Arabic books and the Saudi Arabian national computer conference. It runs an order of magnitude faster than other algorithms in the literature. The experimental results illustrate that SAMA1 is an efficient Morphological analyzer for Arabic words and gives generalization accuracy of about 98%.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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