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Tool means of the organization of fast symbolical calculations: history and prospects


V. V. Gordienko, V. M. Dovgal, I. S. Zerin, A. S.Tkaschenko, A. S. Avdeev

Principles of construction of universal algorithmic system production systems for realization of fast symbolical calculations are considered at the decision of practically important classes of problems of processing of the symbolical information: intellectual control systems, situational management, structural recognition of images, the intellectual analysis of data, computer cryptography, etc. The Structurally-linguistic analysis and transformations of initial normal algorithms and production (special implication) to acceleration to forms of their representation and realization is carried out on the basis of attitudes of crossing of words on a loss of syntax and semantics of used descriptors of processing of the symbolical information. Article consists of two parts. In the first part means of an acceleration of work of the algorithmic schemes, developed on the basis of the structurally-linguistic analysis of attitudes on set production (special implication), and in the second – means of an acceleration of production work. Methods and instrumental facilities of accleration of elemntary operator produce of the A. A. Markov system are observed in the second part of this article. Results of structurally linguistic analysis of markov`s production and samples structure are given. Acceleration method for sample searching are examed and nessesary acceleration forms for representing and implementation of productions are introduced. Perfomance advamtages of the developed instrumental facilities are also shown.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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