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Technology of realization of system of imitating modelling fire-dangerous situation in high educational institutions


S. U. Sazonov, S. A. Kuzheleva, A. T. Mirgaliev, S. N. Samofalov S. V. Degtyarjev

The Modern scientific methods of the forecasting dangerous factor at fire are founded on mathematical modeling i.e. on mathematical model of the fire and spreading dangerous factor in the course of time. The Methdological base of modeling of the development fire-dangerous situation is a system analysis, which central procedure is a building generalised (united) to models of the fire, reflecting the most important factors and intercoupling the real system. In practice this is connected with making the complex of the models with developed dynamic and information relationship between model all level. The Principles of the building of the information system of simulation modeling fire-dangerous situation are defined on base of the integrations of the facilities and methods of the monitoring fireman to safety, mathematical modeling of the physical processes of the object, broad use the expertises, as well as use 3D technology for graphic presentation of the component parts of the object. One of the massive problems at estimation risk fire-dangerous situation is modeling heatmassexchange at fire. She presents itself complex, in full type not solved a problem. Problem of modeling heatmassexchange is expected In this connection perspective at fire by field methods on computer. The Finding of the decision presents itself iteration process on time. It Is Defined on base of convergence and stability of the system of the algebraic equations step on time (in general event variable value) and through gap of time equal step is found decision of the equations for concrete moment of time. Thereby round-robin process is organized.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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