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Spontaneous Formation of Structures and Chaos in a Ring Chain of Active Recursive Filters


V. N. Kornienko, A. P. Privezentsev, A. A.Revyakin

In the paper the one-dimensional discrete model of a chain of oscillators which is used for carrying out of numerical research of structurization in a considered ring chain is offered. In this model the wave field is described by a set of the connected recursive filters of the second order. Simple enough iterative equation describing dynamics of model, allows to construct effective algorithm for calculation of chains with a lot of parts and to investigate its dynamics in a wide range of change of parameters. The lead numerical experiments have shown the big variety of forms of behaviour of the system. Qualitative conformity with the known analytical and numerical results received for models with continuous time, gives the basis to believe, that offered on time and coordinate the model will appear useful to the analysis of nonlinear waves in the active distributed systems.

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