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J. Bell’s Problem and Research of the Electronic Clots in Linear Collider


S.A. Podosenov, Jaykov Foukzon, A.A. Potapov

In offered work it is shown, that in modern linear electronic colliders it is necessary to consider at calculation of deformation of electronic clots curvature of spatially similar hypersurfaces orthogonal to world lines of an electronic bunch. The calculations on a finding of lengths of an electronic impulse based of instantly comuving frames, lead to significant mistakes. It is shown, that influence of horizon on a head part of the electronic clot needs to be calculated, using noninertial comuving frame to a bunch but not inertial instantly comuving frame. The standard calculations which are based the account of horizon of an electronic impulse from the point of view of inertial instantly comuving frame, are incorrect.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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