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The Model and Principles of Self-Organization in Socio-Economic Systems


V. I. Denisenko, I. V. Reshetov

For the increase of efficiency of management the difficult socio-economic systems, the authors of the article develop approach of the purposeful affecting processes self-organization, flowings in such systems. Thus the condition of effective application of approach is knowledge of principles of action of self-organization and management speed of self-organization. In search universals of synergy in the article generalization of existent approaches is given in understanding of processes of self-organization as a model, on the basis of the got model principles of self-organization are formulated in a management the socio-economic systems. The built model of self-organization presents from itself count the tops of which are seven groups of factors of process of self-organization («game rules, participants of game, resources, case, information, motivator, factor of time»), by ribs are possible intercommunications between them. The model of self-organization is used for explaining the nature of rapid self-organization the main catalyst of which multiplicative co-operation of the natural and looking after systems comes forward. In the article the followings mechanisms of affecting on difficult systems with the use of processes of self-organization are offered: change of rules, affecting thread of resources, affecting level of noise. Principles of application of the indicated mechanisms are formulated as a triad: mechanisms of influence, necessary terms (terms of applicability), sufficient terms (terms of effective application). Thus as a key condition of effective mechanisms of self-organization establishment of such rules at which a coincidence of purpose of adjusting and point of equilibrium is in the concept of game theory is examined. The principles formulated in such kind can be used in practice of management both for strengthening of processes of self-organization and for deceleration, inhibition of negative, catastrophic processes.

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