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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electrical Noise and Study of its Diagnostics Properties


Yu.K. Evdokimov, S.A. Martemianov, E.S. Denisov

Workings of PEM fuel cell is determined by large number of parameters (pressure, moisture of gases, working cell temperature, electrical working parameters, etc.) as well as by the current condition of membrane-electrode assemble and gas transport channels which have significant influence on the efficiency of energy conversion. Therefore, developing of sure PEM FC diagnostic methods without operation process interruption is one of the most important tasks of the modern hydrogen energetic. In frame of this work FC electrical noise characteristics are offered to use like basis for appropriate diagnostic systems construction. Methodology for identification of dependence between noise characteristics and membrane-electrode assemble is proposed. FC impedance has been periodically measured for a long time in the operational conditions in parallel with electrical noise measurements. The trend of the equivalent electrical circuit element parameters received on the basis of the frequency identification data and trend of statistical noise characteristics (spectrum, wavelets, correlation, probability density distribution, etc.) were followed up at the working condition. Comparison of these two trends allows identify the noise diagnostic properties and plots regression trend dependencies which will allow quantifying of the diagnostic relationship. In the present paper a method of FC electrical noise diagnostic properties identification was offered. The electrical characteristics of the fluctuations of hydrogen PEM Fuel cell was obtained in different operational conditions. The diagnostic relationship between the electrical fluctuations and the FC operating condition was shown.

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