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Getting Radioportraits under the Parallel-Serial Special Modulation of the Image


K.A. Aganbeckian, A.Yu. Zrazhevsky, C.N. Rykov

The method of radio portrait forming by a fixed antenna system with one detector is considered. The method consists in forming radiations of all elements of an object by the antenna in the object plane and modulating them by functions with parameters different for each element. These radiations are simultaneously received by the detector, output signal of which is divided according to the certain algorithm in components corresponding to the intensity of the elements radiation. The optic picture is formed by the intensity values. Computational modeling of the work of the equipment realizing this method has been carried out. The equipment consists of a fixed antenna; a disk modulator, which is situated in the object plane, revolving around the disk axis of a megaphone used for sending radiations to the detector input; a generator of tact impulses, and a computer for the signal processing. As a specific example the dependence of the mistake of measurement of the object element brightness on the observation time has been obtained.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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