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Convection Model of Intergalactic Gas in Rich Clusters of Galaxies


I.K. Rozgacheva, I.B. Kuvshinova

The heating model of intergalactic gas in rich clusters of galaxies by the infrared irradiation of galaxies in the cluster cores is suggested. This heating mechanism acts for a long time and allows to explain both the presence of hot gas in clusters and the elongated gas clouds, which are observed in the optical images of clusters. Convective cells heated in environment core of cluster, drifting to periphery of cluster and emit thermal energy. This energy is sours of observed x-ray luminosity and heating environment plasma. The gravity forces convective cells to drift to the centre of cluster. Recombination irradiation sells used for the check conformity given model heating intergalactic gas of the observations. The anticorrelation between x-ray luminosity and optical luminosity was discovered. This anticorrelation was conclusion given model. The basic equations of this model are given and their solution is found.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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