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Analysis of modernized algorithm of “air-to-surface” biposition command system trajectory control


V. I. Merkulov, D. A. Milyakov

In existing mobile on-off systems of command radio management which are used for prompting of rockets "air-surface" on little size the land purposes, the three-dot method of prompting at which as mismatch parameter the linear deviation of a rocket from a line of vising of the purpose from management point is used is applied. Lacks of a traditional three-dot method of prompting are: Considerable influence on accuracy of prompting of spatial evolutions of point of management, absence of the account of profit-ability of prompting and loss of stability in the absence of correcting influence of the operator. The work purpose - research of the traditional and modernized laws of prompting of mobile on-off system of command radio management by means of imitating modeling. In the course of research systems were modeling: management-purpose point, point of management-rocket and a rocket-purpose. Management of a rocket and management point is carried out under the traditional and modernized laws of change of corners of viding of a rocket of the purpose and their derivatives, and also them range. Noise of a condition of a control system are absent; angular co-ordinates of the purpose and a rocket are estimated by an onboard goniometer, range to the purpose - an onboard range finder, and range to a rocket - by means of the active respondent; control paths of point of management and a rocket in various planes are independent and do not influence against each other. Results of research are resulted in the form of dependences of indicators of efficiency on an initial angular error of prompting of a rocket. It is shown, that at increase in an initial error of prompting on a corner time of regulation and general time of prompting in-crease at constant initial range to the purpose, that speaks necessity to spend additional time to combine a line of viding point of management-rocket with an escaping line of vising point of management the purpose. Results of research of system of prompting in the presence of indignations of a condition and comparison of results of similar re-searches to zero noise have shown, that: all results of research of system of prompting with condition noise qualitatively coincide with results of research of system at absence noises; nonzero noise of a condition of system of prompting can lead to formation of the displaced estimations of average time of regulation, an average miss in the end of prompting and the maximum overloads of a rocket and management point. The carried out analysis shows, that the modernized algorithm is effective and does not impose basic restrictions on possibility of its practical realization.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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