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The control system of high reliability with reconfiguration


V. F. Bezzubov

The article deals with the structure of the control system which satysfies the modern requirements to the construction of the on-board equipment's complexes which integrate all on-board functional subsystems of an aircraft. The structure of the on-board control system is developed with regard for realization of various hardware architecture wich is oriented to the concrete current task. So the one of the obligatory characteristics of the considered on-board control system's structure is the capability to the software reconfiguration. Support of the reliable functioning of the system is provided with the application of the distributed internal firmware self-control that excludes the necessity of using the interior control system. The reconfiguration capability of the structure under consideration provides the reservation of the separate system's blocks with the substitution method so that if one of the nodal calculator is wrecked completly or partially any correctly functioning nodal calculator wich takes the functions of the wrecked one has a full access to it's internal resources and the external devices that allows to realize the system recovery without extrenal memory access that means the system recovery time saving, so the system availability improves. Integration of the various on-board sub-systems in a whole by means of the on-board control system allows to optimize a flexible using of the reservated computing resources for the realization of the various tasks according to the functioning requirement and the necessary stability level against some failure.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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