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Mathematical method of processing of the statistical data of real reliability of telecommunication systems


O. G. Sherstneva

In this paper the mathematical model of functioning of an element of a telecommunication network is considered. At drawing up of model all statuses of an element were taken into account during its operation. The purpose of drawing up of mathematical model was research of interference of parameters of reliability and a control system. As quality of job of a control system in many respects depends on the information received from systems of the automatic control over serviceability of elements of a network in article the mathematical method of processing of the received statistical data is offered. As a result of the carried out researches analytical dependences of parameters of reliability and parameters of a control system on which schedules have been received are made. The submitted schedules illustrate various ways of definition of parameters of a control system to conditions when failure rate of the equipment changes in limits from 1х10–5 up to 0,1 hour–1. Ways of definition of the specified probabilities depend on the operational data available of the attendants at the moment of a rating of reliability of the tested equipment or its control system. In article it is shown, that the uniform automated system is necessary for development and realization of effectual measures on increase of reliability of elements of telecommunication systems not only gathering, but also processing of the information. Together with results of researches of mathematical model this information can be used at calculation of necessary parameters of reliability of telecommunication system as a whole.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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