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Effectiveness estimation of trajectory method for radiotechnical means identification


A. M. Borodin, N. V. Uskov, A. M. Barabanova

The estimation method of identification trajectories probability is offered and examined. The trajectoties are made by marks of radiotechnical means of the same type. The marks are built in coordinates: “cotangent of azimuth angle (bearing) for radiotechnical means” –is “the path traversed” by aircraft. The expression for trajectories identification probability depending on the density of radiotechnical means of the same type at area , for threshold of trajectories separability, for meansquare accuracy measurement of bearing for radiotechnical means and the width of bearing sector from the board of aircraft is given. It is illustrated that the main losses of trajectories during identification have the place in the nearest zone of bearing. The trajectory methods for definition of quantity of radiotechnical means of the same type are also of interest. Expression for probability of identification of the same sources of radiation is received by atrajectory method in the assumption of a capture on sources of radiation of a considerable quantity bearing, sufficient for instructions of the area occupied with a trajectory. Losses at identification of sources of radiation depend on sector bearing, density of placing of the same sources of radiation of distant reception, a root-mean-square error bearing, a threshold of discernability of trajectories and take place in near from a line of flight of the carrier of equipment of the radio engineering control to a zone bearing. The important scope a trajectory method is definition of number of the same sources of radiation for effective work of not local algorithms of a fixing.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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