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Application of signals with code division for system GLONASS


A. B. Tkachev

During modernisation GLONASS it is supposed to apply also in new mastered ranges signals with code division multiple access. The important question is the kind choice sequences for code division. For maintenance of channel signals orthogonality sequences should possess low level of lateral lobes of correlation function. In article Kasami and Weil codes for their use in signals with code division in system GLONASS are considered. The analysis of sizes of correlation functions lobes of these sequences is carried out both at absence, and in the presence of frequency shifts between signals. Histograms of correlation functions lobes of Kasamy and Weil sequences are constructed at different frequency shifts. Also sizes of the lateral lobe of autocorrelation function nearest to the main maximum are considered. The choice of parametres of Weil codes minimising this size is made. The Weil codes providing the least multipath error are found.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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