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Z.O. Solovieva, V.K. Ilyin, A.M. Nosovsky

Current control and monitoring of microbial status of human being is the problem of urgency and requires solutions which realization wouldpossibly exclude the necessity of cultivating microor-ganisms in laboratory conditions. The researches on digital imaging of microbe containing swab were carried out (an example of representation of bidimentional data). The automated analysis of microbic cells assumes the use of standardized swabs. The swabs must be prepared as a monolayer and uniformly painted according to the standart Gram,s tech-nique. The swabs were obtained from different human open biotopes, distributed on the glass pad then centrifuged. Thus, we obtained standardized sample, suitable for the further research. For the analysis following programs of recognition of images are used: Sigma Scan Pro v.5; Scion Jmage v. 4.0.2; Pixopedia v.2.4; Jmage Analyzer v. 1.25; Fly Fox v.; Hesperus v. 3.0. As a result of selection of suitable programs for sample treatment we obtained domestic uni-versal system of visualization and processing of bidimentional data Hesperus v.3.0. For the analy-sis the color digitized image where to the certain range of numbers there corresponds the set color is entered into memory of a computer. The image is received at microscopy swab in oil immersion (1000х), with the subsequent transfer of images in a microscope vision fields to computer memory. In this described system the video camera DeltaPix InfinityX with the adapter (c-mount 1х) was used. Thus, it is shown, that application of the program of recognition of images Hesperus v. 3.0 to microbic objects demonstrated positive result in what concerns computer treatment of visual mi-crobial images.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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