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Development of Control System Mechatronic Modules Medical


V.V. Morozov, A.V. Zhdanov, A.I. Turskov

This article discusses the development of control systems of mechatronic modules for medical purposes. At present, the implantable medical systems are widely used mechatronic modules (MM) progressive movement, working with a reversible motor. In most data sets are used either compact control system (CS), located on the belt or implantable options. By CS MM must meet the following requirements: Wiring a three-phase motor windings to the inverter voltage with low-voltage power supply must provide the highest possible point on the motor shaft, the working frequency range 1 ... 2 Hz reciprocating oscillations of the operating rod system, circulatory support necessary to stabilize the frequencies of these vibration load changes. Since the working stock is driven by brushless motor with permanent magnet excitation, this requirement is to stabilize the engine speed, body temperature mechatronic module and the GC should not be above human body temperature. Synthesis of CS MM performed using a mathematical model of synchronous motor with permanent magnets, recorded in the system-oriented coordinates. Scheme has been developed and implemented CS MM, meets all necessary requirements. The system is currently implemented as a variant of a lap, but worked out a solution CS, built directly into the implantable MM.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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