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Focused Antenna Array for Local UHF-EHF Hyperthermi


V.M. Gavrilov, O.R. Nikitin, V.J. Smirnov

Physiotherapy is a promising direction of UHF-EHF hyperthermia, by using a focused electromagnetic fields. The most technologically advanced way to create a focused field is the use of phased antenna arrays. The use of focused phased array for hyperthermia is constrained by the lack of reliable information on the size of the focal area and the relationship of these dimensions and geometric parameters of the array. This paper presents the results of the computer solution of this problem, obtained by using specially developed software package. Research conducted for the model of the planar array including 11x11 radiators, placed at the nodes of a square grid and use pattern, which coincides with the diagram of elements of Huygens. These results make it possible to formulate a method of designing antenna arrays with given parameters. The me-thodology contains the following parameters: step of array, the number of radiators, focal length, length and width of the focal area. By specifying the size of the focal area and the possible value of focal length using the results obtained can be determined necessary step of the array. As well as background information can be specified array step to determine focal length.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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