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Spectral Analysis of an Electric Intensity Vertical Component of the Atmosphere Boundary Layer at the Frequencies of Thermal and Moon Tides by the Spaced Apart Stations


L.V. Grunskaya, A.A. Zakirov, V.A. Yefimov, L.T. Sushkova

Tide effects are observed in gravimetry, geomagnetic field, in atmosphere pressure recording, in the electrical field of the ionosphere and the atmosphere boundary layer and it had been the subject of theoretical and experimental investigations for the two centuries. Two types of tides have been investigated: sun tides, stipulated both by non-uniform heating with solar radiation, and by gravitational interaction with the Earth; and moon tides, stipulated by gravitational interaction of the Moon with the earth’s atmosphere. The estimation of the degree of influence of moon and sun tides on the boundary layer electrical characteristics is carried out. The investigations of the influence of moon and sun tides on the boundary layer electrical characteristics are important from a few points of view: they are fundamental investigations connected with atmosphere and electrical phenomena in the atmosphere boundary layer; the investigations being done are important while studying interconnection of electrical fields with geophysical processes; tides are important in forming geodynamical mode in seismic active regions of the Earth. As a result of monitoring the electrical field of the atmosphere boundary layer according to the stations placed apart there have been carried out catalogues of electrical field spectra near by the frequencies (periods) of sun and moon tides. There have been extracted and estimated the amplitudes of the harmonic components of the variations of the atmosphere boundary layer electrical field at the frequencies, corresponding to sun and moon tides, with the help of the synthesized optimal receiver for working in the low frequency range, there has been given an estimation of signal-to-noise ratio at the frequencies of tides. According to the spectral analysis carried out with the help of a correlative guadrature receiver there is observed a good coincidence of model estimations of the electrical field amplitudes at the frequencies of sun tides according to the experimental data: the theoretical estimation according to developed model is Ez(10-15) V/m, the experimental estimation is in the limit of Ez(5-20) V/m, the signal-to-noise ratio was (2-5), which is a corroboration of adequacy of the developed model to the experimental data.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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