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Definition of an Organism Common Functional Condition under the Heart Rhythm Diagram


А.A. Kuznetsov

According to 747 registration of electrocardiograms search of normal physiological laws of heart rhythm process is carried out. Constant frequency of reading by the monitor of values of biopotentials at formation of electrocardiogram (ECG) sets a constant a step of digitization of values R-R of intervals. Therefore values of R-R intervals on the heart rhythm diagram (HRD) form «circles of micro-conditions». It allows to treat HRD as realization of a macro-condition of system of a rhythm and to apply the structural - topological analysis of distribution of values R-R of intervals on micro-conditions with use information энтропии. The technique of transition from the standard parameters of variability of an intimate rhythm to parameters of topological structure of the diagram of a rhythm of heart is developed. Dependences of parameters of variability of a heart rhythm from information entropy HRD healthy young people of one age in a graphic format have the form of parallel conditional - seasonal lines. It is shown, that the mode of a rhythm of heart of the healthy person without dependence from a floor has a cycle of calendar year during which three times discretely varies in conditions of discrete seasonal adaptation. Functional communications of parameters are determined and "formulas" functional and mental-emotional conditions of an organism are offered. The general diagram of functional communications of a standard deviation (rejection), a stress - index and information entropy diagrams of a rhythm of heart in the form «grids parametrical cells» is offered. The size of surplus of production entropy i is appointed parameter of an organism functional condition: i = 0 - norm, i = 1 - convertible oppression within the framework of seasonal adaptation, i = 2 - convertible pre-nozological a condition within the framework of seasonal adaptation, i = 3 - pre-nozological a condition beyond the framework of seasonal adaptation. The given gradation is extrapolated on sizes i > 3 for ill people. Formulas of an organism functional condition and mental-emotional conditions allow to create on the combined diagram «a grid of parametrical cells» common level of functioning of mechanisms of regulation and management of a rhythm of the heart, representing «parametrical structure cells» with a scale of the current general (common) functional condition of an organism of the healthy and ill person.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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