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Choice of Parameters of the Electric Executive Mechanism with the PID-Regulator


S.Yu. Chekmaev

The analogue PID-REGULATOR at digital realization of algorithm with the small period of quantization practically does not differ in the dynamic relation from the ideal linear. Nevertheless, PID - regulators in real systems practically are not applied as presence in a real regulation system nonlinear elements essentially complicates a problem of parametrical synthesis of systems with the PID REGULATOR. In the real regulation system electric executive mechanisms on asynchronous electric motors with constant frequency of rotation – executive mechanisms of constant speed which are one of nonlinear elements of the scheme of management are widely used. In modern control systems are used, besides analogue regulators and controllers with digital realization of algorithm. Following stages of calculation of optimum parameters of system with the PID-REGULATOR are considered: • Definition of optimum parameters by the PID-REGULATOR taking into account a quantization interval; • A choice of speed of the executive mechanism on regulator options As a result of research have been drawn a conclusion that the maximum speed of change of a signal essentially increases with reduction of an interval of quantization on time that it is necessary to consider at a choice of parameters of a regulator. Besides, speed of change of a signal µ(t) is in proportional dependence on the size of indignation, and it also is necessary for considering at a choice of parameters of the filter. Also as a result of the spent optimization the block-diagram, depicted on fig. 3 is received. Researches show that regulating influence µ’(t) is late concerning a signal µ(t) that influences dynamic accuracy the regulation system (fig. 4). Thus, it is revealed that Efficiency of PID-ALGORITHM with electric executive mechanisms essentially depends on object of management and in case of quick-response object is limited by speed of an actuation mechanism.

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