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Estimation of accuracy of the reference information for terrain aided navigating system


I. N. Beloglazov, S. N. Kazarin, V. A. Merkulov, A. I. Naumov

Questions of a reference supply with information of korreljatsionno-extreme navigating systems belong to number of systems of this class defining in development. Their theory allows to synthesise a wide spectrum of practical algorithms. The supply with information of systems of the given class is the deterrent on a way of wide introduction of principles of extreme navigation to onboard complexes of flying machines of different function. Progress of last decade in the field of digital cartography, geoinformation systems and technologies has allowed to create powerful program systems of preparation of matrixes of heights - specialised digital models of district. Matrixes of heights have received the greatest degree of distribution in a reference supply with information of onboard aim systems. terrain aided systems, systems of low-level flight, systems of the prevention of collision with the Earth, etc. the Today's situation in the field of preparation of matrixes of heights is characterised by a number неоднозначностей. Matrix digital models can be created with use of the digitized topographic maps of various scale and the matrixes of heights of a lay of land constructed on materials of satellite radar-tracking shooting of a terrestrial surface. For one area of the Terrestrial surface digital models of a relief can be created some. Accuracy of a reference supply with information essentially influences safety of flight. Research of questions of accuracy of the description of the form of a terrestrial surface is spent in interests of formation of an onboard reference geosupply with information. The comparative analysis of digital models is carried out and the choice of reference model is proved. Over investigated area flight of a flying machine with onboard optical and radar-tracking means was carried out. Trajectory points in which sounding was carried out, had a co-ordinate binding with a margin error, defined onboard inertsialno-satellite navigating system. The generalised error of mapping is understood as the sum of an error of display of a field of a relief on initial topographic maps, errors of transformation of the initial information in a matrix of heights and an error of algorithms of restoration of height in a point. The algorithm of estimations of accuracy of the digital models received by results of sounding is resulted. The major factors in-fluencing the generalised error are revealed: initial data, system of the equations фотограмметрии and transformation of co-ordinates. The technique of an estimation of accuracy of the reference information terrain aided navigating system on materials of air photography of a terrestrial surface is offered.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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