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System of intellectual support of decision-making at management robotic complex of the pilotless of flying devices at the stage of attack of the ground purposes


A. V. Makarov

The analysis of features of local wars and confrontations of last years testifies to the important role of aircraft especially in an initial stage of fighting operations. Thus the major problems of aircraft are: deducing out of operation the important economic objects; suppression of air defence of the opponent; destruction of alive force of the opponent. For performance of the listed problems the shock aircraft is involved. At carrying out of the analysis of management by actions of flying devices flying shock aircraft at attacks two characteristic problems have been revealed. Any flight, especially fighting, is connected with risk for a life of crew. The degree risk considerably increases at performance of the fighting problems connected with application of the weapon, and also in conditions of influence of adverse factors of an environment (a zone of radioactive clouds, area of the raised ionization, etc.) Besides the analysis of features of operations flying testifies that any crew which is carrying out fighting flight, tests sharp deficiency of time for an estimation of air-tactical conditions and acceptance decisions. Pilots work, as a rule, on a limit intellectual and психофизиологических opportunities in conditions of real danger from fighting contact with the opponent, carrying out functions not only ordinary air fighters, but also commanders of divisions. The listed circumstances testify to necessity of full or partial deducing the pilot from dangerous to its life and health of stages of fighting flight and creation of onboard system of intellectual support of decision-making by crews at attacks of the ground purposes, raising efficiency of fighting application flying . One of possible directions of the decision of the specified problems is application fighting pilotless flying . It is supposed, that into structure robotic complexes will enter group fighting pilotless flying and piloted flying the commander, the equipped onboard system of support of decision-making. The commander, being on the flying outside of a zone of reach of means of defeat of the opponent, estimates air conditions according to, acting from onboard information systems of pilotless flying devices, the flying and will be organized with management of actions flying of group on the basis of the decisions-recommendations formed by onboard system of intellectual support of decision-making. On the basis of the analysis of features of actions shock flying at attacks of the ground purposes, according to tactics of shock aircraft and known ТТХ prototype flying the circle of the knowledge base which can solve flying is allocated. To the primary goals offered robotic flying concern – defeat of means of air defence of the opponent and destruction of strongly protected objects.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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