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Cluster analysis application in technical systems


S. A. Rybin

The basis of any intellectual system is made by devices of gathering of the information on operated process, that is a set of sensor controls. The second integral element is the device of storage of the collected and processed information and commands (algorithms, programs) processings, and as the processor serving for processing of the collected information and management by executive elements of system of a feedback according to the available set of programs of management. The third element is the display unit and managements of system which displays the expert information on a condition of process of performance of a task in view and gives possibility to execute necessary action at occurrence of a supernumerary situation, and repetition of a similar situation will not necessarily demand intervention of the operator. Functional requirements to intellectual systems - presence: touch systems (sensor controls); systems of storage information (memory); systems data processing (processor); Display units (monitor); control means process of functioning of system (feedback system); training system (system of change of a set of operating commands). Limitation of objects of supervision and consequently, and a set of the signals generated by it, can lay down in a basis of the automated self-trained system of supervision. The basis of such system is made by a database of signals, objects and the events, under construction on a basis cluster the analysis of the signals arriving from touch system. Classes of signals (images of the signals consisting of a set of vectors of signs, describing a primary signal) define objects of supervision and own information on them (their image in an infinite field of signs). To each class the additional information defining its rank, the status, the description, and consequently, and behaviour model is appropriated also. Under this information it is possible to build system of support of the decision-making, based not on the aprioristic information on object of supervision (probably false), and on the real objective data received from system of supervision that raises reliability of such system. On a similar principle all "intellectual" systems in household radio engineering devices are under construction, but because of complexity are not realised in technical systems of supervision and safety though the importance automatic clusterization objects of supervision and hindrances proves to be true all experts in the field of safety. Possibilities cluster the analysis by working out of intellectual systems is the defining factor of development of the given systems. Realisation of the elementary algorithms cluster the analysis at level of analogue signals without application of processor devices has led to occurrence of diagnostic medical devices of individual use, intellectual touch systems and other intellectual radio engi-neering devices of different function.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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