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DIGITAL AVATAR – digital embodiment of infocommunication systems


V. V. Alexandrov, V. A. Sarychev

Digital embodiment is an artificially created layer between human an environment (mechanism, device) as digital intermediary with artificial intelligence. Such an intermediary based on digital processor, communication channels and set of protocols is an intellectual cognitive interface between environmental sensor signals and a human being. Generality of sensors, interfaces and humans makes unified information-communication space. Such unity of human ant artificial intelligence possesses unified set of protocols (it uses and understands standard language, audio-, video-, bio and other data types) adapting service functions of any device for human needs identifying them by human habitual way leaving only the universal service interface thus solving the problem of user interface. But other problems emerge: interface becomes more complicated. The programmers create digital systems without taking users specifics into account. Hence many of users unable or do not want to cope with complex interface and prefer common dogmas and devices. From early 1950’s time gap between revelations, inventions and their adoption had become insignificant. This evidently shows development of the overall high education, the intellect of technical engineer membership, the new level of “techgnosis –society–culture” – the platform for knowledge economy.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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