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The particularities of forming space scanner images by the lines matrix charge-coupled devices(CCD)


V. G. Andronov, S. V. Degtyarev, I. A. Klochkov

In the article describes the main features of the formation of space scanner images obtained with lines matrix of CCD located in a chess order in the focal plane of the scanner. Considered the topology and design features of the CCD lines. Noted that they form two lanes adjacent to each other image areas. With this, the same time of formation have the parts of the image, located in chess order lines. Introduced the system of coordinates of digital images and the focal plane, the concept of forming the edges of the opto-electronic converter. Showed the principle of the chess order of rows in the bands of digital images and a mechanism for obtaining a single composite line in the image of the scanned area. Obtained functional coordinate-time dependencies between the geometric structure of digital images, that obtained by scanning electro-optical equipment type, and parameters of the classical photogrammetric collinearity equations space photogrammetry. Formulas are given of the strict transition from parameters of the digital image to the parameters of the equations in the direct photogrammetric collinearity task.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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