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Method and algorithm of monitoring of the near-earth outer space for safety control of flights of space vehicles


P. S. Zverev, F. A. Starkov, O. V. Ovchinkin

The problem of technogenic contamination of a near-earth space (NES) is considered. Some methods of monitoring of NES, based on modeling of possible collisions of orbital plants are compared. Complexity of monitoring of NES with use of onboard tools of the space vehicle-observer (SVO) consists in presence at SVO, as well as at any artificial space object, six degree of freedoms: displacements along X, Y and Z axes, a pitch, yaw and rotations. Therefore for SVO, having ineradicable «backlash» on all degree of freedoms, the rule on a shot of all space objects will vary, and a trajectory mapped on sequence of shots both artificial and natural objects will be determined random, and on the basis of A. Puankare's thesis it will not be predicted. In the article the method of monitoring of NES with use of onboard tools SVO based on an annihilation of maps of natural space objects on a photo-matrix SVO is considered. As a result of annihilation there are data only about artificial space objects. Also the algorithmic and soft-hardware tools realising the given method are considered. Advantages of the given method are reflected.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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