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Digital programmed technology for information-energy data transfer optimization


S. V. Kuleshov, O. V. Tsvetkov

Modern capabilities of elementary base development related with increase of functioning frequencies are changing the approach to telecommunication. Practical use of mobile devices based on autonomous power sources are demanding of energy consumption parameters optimization. The next stage of digital infocommunication paradigm development is a paradigm of programmed communication channel – the usage of unified hardware and physical media for various data types’ transmission with various formats and protocols. Traditional radio devices have limited functionality and only can be changed by modification of hardware. The programmed radio technology on contrary provides more simple and cheap solution for multifunctional, multiband and/or multimodal devices modification by update on software level. The classification of telecommunication systems channel levels from the point of bandwidth and device power consumption shows that most perspective level for software defined radio usage is a middle-level where is needed to provide compatibility with many already existing communication systems and flexible power consumption control is desired. By now the application of SDR is only available on low frequencies (~10 KHz) thus the problem of high quality digitization of high-frequency signals is solved by carrying them to low frequency region by multiplexor and reference generator. Due to this the analog part is so far needed to redirect spectrum region for program processing. The main advantage of digital SDR platform is an ability of flexible adaptation to radio communication with various inherited systems and also the number of simultaneously supported protocols of location, navigation and communication systems which is of paramount importance in different geographical zones.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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