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Application of algorithms of cluster analysis for studying of dynamic object behaviour


V. G. Kurbanov

While operating several processes it is necessary to provide real time calculation and regime optimisation, which is assuredly to be in the field of permitted regimes and is to be implemented by the systems of automatic control of the lowest level of hierarchical control system. Commonly applied methods are not completely suitable for solving these class problems in view of low speeds of convergence of real iterative methods (e.g. Newton method) and possible emergence of unconditioned and uncontrolled mistakes in the results given the errors in the initial data. Also, depending on the present type of uncertainty while decision-making it is necessary to provide computer calculation with interval and indistinct quantities. That is why these quantities are the most perspective for finding of solutions of equation systems with provision for mentioned peculiarities of real time work of algorithms in conditions of uncertainty. Interval method for studying of dynamic objects behavior, particularly their transition from one given condition to another, providing that both of them are not accurate and belong to limited numerical multitude is considered in the article. This approach allows substantial reducing of the size of problems, time of search for numerical solutions and obtaining guaranteed bilateral limits of sought-for solution in cases, when getting accurate solution is labour-intensive or even impossible.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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