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Computer science and economics


E. L. Barsukova

This paper considers the capabilities of the programmed technologies application for evaluation of features and functioning strategies of the economic systems designed to implement innovations under market relations conditions. The characteristics of research technology for such systems and its relevant description language are given from positions of control theory. The tendency of increasing role of positional control methods in economic systems is revealed especially in connection with virtual enterprises appearance, the transferring of business to Internet, the intense usage of infocommunication environment as the infrastructure for economic system. Such systems should be treated as multilevel developing systems and the more subsystems could be reduced (represented in terms of generating systems language with corresponding parameterization) the more effectiveness is increased. Special attention should be given to the model of duel situation for which the honeypot resource revelation could be useful. The programmed technologies are designed to assist concentration and/or correction of the directions of progress in the field of economic systems control.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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