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Regression Algorithm of Detection of Objects of Armoured Technics in Ground Clutter


V.V. Glazkov, K.P. Lihoedenko

In the article the algorithm of detection of objects of armoured technics developed by authors is described. Authors consider an input radar signal as a non-stationary, and noise and useful Doppler a signals as narrow-band. For the decision of the problem of radar detection of the target the relative width of a strip of a power spectrum of Doppler input signal is considered as informative sign of radar target which is invariant to conditions of location. In article it is proved that in considered conditions it is more convenient to make processing not in frequency field, but in time field. It is possible to use as the sufficient statistics factor the coefficient of initial regress of intervals between zeros of input realization of signal of Doppler frequency. The characteristics of detection of radar signal are received. The technical realization of radar detector are shown.

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