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A.I. Vislobokov, Yu.D. Ignatov

The results of our cythopharmacological experiments are about electrophysiological properties and mechanisms of activity in mollusc neurons under the influence of different groups of phar-macological drugs. It had been shown that local anaesthetics and analgetics mainly supress so-dium currents, and antiarrythmic drugs –calsium currents. It had not been found the strict selec-tive effect of investigated drugs on ion currents. Their effect on neuron’s membrane can be realized by the influence on thier status through the following ways: rest and action membrane potential changes, synaptical potentials; membranestabilazing effects which are realized in decreasing and increasing of nonspecific outflow membrane currents, changes of superficial charge potential near ion channels. Besides, the drugs increase or decrease ion currents of voltage-gated channels and interact with gate structures of ion channels that change kinetics of activation or inactivation. The knowlege of mechanisms of pharmacological drugs effect promotes more effective management of excitable cells functioning.
May 29, 2020

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