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I.V. Rodionov

For treatment of crises bones finitenesses, corrections of deformations bone segments, restoration of the lost or damaged roots a teeth are widely used medical implants. Such implants are most often carried out from the titan (ВТ1-0, ВТ1-00) and its alloys (ВТ6, ВТ16) which possess the raised bioinertness to organism envi-ronments. For strong fastening titanic implants in a bone on their surface form the special porous covering providing germination of bone cellular structures in microroughness a surface with the subsequent biointe-gration implant. Such covering can be created by the gas-thermal oxidizing аbrasive-processed of titan in the combined mixture Ar/О2 with the controlled maintenance in her oxygen as oxidizing component. Experimental researches of the basic functional characteristics oxides biocoverings titanic implants, re-ceived оxidation in argon and oxygen a gas mix are lead. The comparative estimation a phase-structural condition and corrosion behaviour oxidized metal implants is given depending on modes of processing. Op-timum technological conditions high-temperature Ar/О2 оxidation implants, promoting formation of cover-ings with a high level biocompatibility are revealed. During experimental researches influence of modes аrgon-oxygen оxidation titanic implants on phase structure, a thickness, parametres of a roughness a surface, morphology, size of corrosion potential, micro-hardness and adhesion received охydes coverings has been defined. It is thus established, that аrgon-oxygen оxidation аt values a mode of processing t = 10000С и τ = 24 h mechanically strong coverings from bioinert oxides of titan, having necessary for effective functioning implants are formed a thickness (32…40 mcm), raised level of a relative roughness a surface (0,45) and high open porosity (31…38 %). Results of research biocompatibility oxydes coverings implants in vivo have shown absence allergenic reactions of fabrics, effective adaptation implants in bone structures, high biointegration ability of the is su-perficial-porous oxidized surface. Thus, it is proved, that by high-temperature оxidation titanic implants in аrgon-oxygen gas mix cover-ings with the qualities of biocompatibility characterised by certain phase structure a covering, its is superfi-cial-structural condition, and also high corrosion stability and mechanical durability are created.
May 29, 2020

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