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T.V. Zhidkova, M.A. Proskurnin, M.E. Sokolov, T.V. Polenova, E.K. Ivanova

Advancing emergency medicine requires the development of novel medicine instruments. In Russia, a special versatile cybernetic complex for the registration and analysis of the parameters of human vital functions under the working name of “Telets” is under development. The measurements units of these complex involve an electrocardiograph, a temperature sensor, and a pressure measurement unit. A complete analysis of the state of critical patients requires a units for rapid estimation of the circulating blood volume for its use at all the stages of emergency surgery. How-ever, nowadays there is no rapid, precise and in the same time cheap and simple method for the estimation of circulating blood volume with no a priori information. The aim of this paper was the enhancement of the existing procedures for spectrophotometric determination of circulating blood volume for their use directly in the circulating blood without sampling and building calibration curves. We selected a group of dyes allowed for intravenous use in medicine—Methylene Blue, Brilliant Green, and Crystal Violet—for simultaneous photometric determination of the components of their two-dye mixtures in the circulating blood under the conditions of the estimation of the circulating blood volume. We determined the sensitivity parameters for the determination of their mixtures in blood and in a flow implemented in a manifold similar to those used in real conditions of the determination of the circulating blood volume. The tests of single dyes and their mixtures in a flow system simulating a blood transfusion system showed a negligible difference between the sensitivity of the determination of these dyes under batch and flow conditions. For individual dyes, the limits of de-tection ca. 1 × 10–7 M in aqueous solutions and (3 – 8) × 10–6 M in the blood are achieved, which provides their continuous determination at a level of 10–5 M for the estimating of the circulating blood volume without a priori data on the matrix. A procedure for rapid spectrophotometric estimation of the circulating blood volume is pro-posed. The estimation of the blood volume 300 mL – 3 L with the relative standard deviation no higher than 4% are obtained, and the possibility to apply the developed procedure with laser diode sources is shown in principle.
May 29, 2020

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