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S.Y. Zavalishina

Age dynamics of coagulation, anticoagulation and fibrinolytic systems of blood plasma in the period of milk feeding the calves have odnin major physiological components of homeostasis. Hemostatic activity provides for adaptation to the environment of all body systems and promotes the optimal development of the calf. Objective: to clarify the dynamics of the physiological state of coagulation, anticoagulation and fibrinolytic systems of blood plasma in healthy calves during milk feeding. We examined the calves observed no significant fluctuations in the level of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant protection of plasma, which allows the body to adapt to the conditions of existence of the calf. All this provides the normal rheological state of the blood, and thus, an adequate flow of nutrients and oxygen to the developing tissues of the body of the animal. This is an important element in the protection of calves from adverse environmental factors. Acceleration of blood coagulation prothrombin time, reflecting the strengthening of mechanisms for activation of plasma hemostasis along the outer path is largely due to an increase in this period, the calves of the intensity of education and activity that triggers the process of coagulation thromboplastin. This provides the necessary for this age level of fluid properties of blood and the optimal perfusion of internal organs, which largely supports the necessary level of metabolism in tissues of the calf. During the phase of the milk supply by the continued detention in the blood V, VII and X factor with an increase in the activity of other coagulation factors. Consequently, while domestic activity towards coagulation and prothrombin time are accelerated. The system dynamics is ensured by the stability of anticoagulation lipid peroxidation and influence of environmental factors. The activity of anticoagulation and fibrinolysis provides the necessary level of control of coagulation system and therefore the severity of fluid properties of blood, supporting the circulation of blood in the tissues of a calf. Thus, calves in the period of milk feeding indicated a balance of coagulation system and its restriction to ensure the optimal level of activity of plasma hemostasis, which is an important element of adaptation in the early stages of development.
May 29, 2020

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