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Heliophysical Perturbations Impact on Human Heart in the Light of Nonlinear Dynamical Models of ECG


M.V. Ragulskaya, V.V. Pipin

The theoretical problem of the theory cardiac activity modeling was examined the paper. The exploration is restricted to the temporal ECG dynamics. We critically review the advantages and issues of the models available in the literature. We analyze the nonlinear ECG model which is obtained via global reconstruction methods. Our study shows that the ECG dynamical system stationary states exist of T and P peaks in vicinities. We study the problem of the adaptate variations of the cardiac activity which occur to response on the external periodic force. New dynamical ECG - model is proposed. The model has two basic parameters: first governs the power of the ECG- signal and another one describe the diffusive losses in the system. The model demonstrates the set of states that varies from the strictly periodical oscillations through quasi-periodic regimes to chaos

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