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Phase Modulation of Impulsive Flows on Spinal Level


O.O. Shugurov

In SC of a condition of functioning of phase modulation, which allows to increase efficacy of transfer of the sensory information in top part of CNS are found. It is revealed that at AM the size of QMOD for EP always exceeds depth of modulation of an stimulus (on 300 – 400 % on low frequencies, 30 – 50 % – on average). The maximal phase for АМ is equal pi/2 and pi/4 – for FM. The transformation of the input frequency-modulated flows of stimulus in frequency-phase and amplitude-modulated flows of potentials, and at amplitude-modulated in amplitude-phase code conversion – is marked. We have found that than more size FMOD for AM and FM, the it is less of phase angle of impulsive flows of answer-back reaction.

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